'Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.' by Thomas Merton

I see my surroundings through abstract glasses. I visualize, absorb and express my inspirations onto canvas. Whether the stimulus is internal or external, I find myself searching for a place of personal space, peacefulness and light to rest in the midst of the chaos. My work is a look 'inside'. It is personal. It is spiritual. It is the culmination of feelings, emotions and memories. There are other sublime influences to my work that I cannot explain, other than, they must come via my soul ... arousing my curiosity, therefore initiating the desire interpret 'thought' into 'vision'.

I was fortunate to travel the world as a young person and I was aware at an early age that I saw things differently. I would watch the movement and form of clouds and water, and was fascinated with the contrasts of textures, shapes and layers defined within nature's beauty; and let these dichotomies play out onto my canvas.


Melanie Warsinske

Melanie was fortunate to travel, including living in England for three years and traveling throughout Europe while growing up; as well as spending time in Panama. She was introduced to new cultures, varied landscapes and artwork that peaked her own interest in art.

Melanie has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Experimental Painting and a minor in Ceramics from Texas Tech University, 1976. Fortunate to study with painting with professors Paul Hannah and Hugh Gibbons -- experimental painting had NO limits!

In 2012, the mentorship of Tadashi Hawakawa breathed new energy and enthusiasm into Melanie's artwork and, through his encouragement, Melanie began sharing her art work with the public on a larger scale. Melanie participates in award winning art shows; teaches private and group painting classes with an emphasis in abstract expression. She has artwork in private collections throughout the U.S.; Artist in Residence in Chacala, Mexico, as well as showing her work Internationally in Los Arcos Galeria de Arte, Chacala Mexico in 2016 and Nagasaki Museum of Art's LELA Exhibition in Nagasaki, Japan in 2012, 2014 and 2017.

Residing in Colorado, Melanie is an award-winning artist showing in galleries and has artwork in private collections throughout the United States. Melanie is currently represented by Mirada Fine Art Gallery in the Denver area, and has work in Park City, UT and Red Lodge, MT.


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